Power Spectrum

"The face of modern warfare"

The Power Spectrum is a term that refers to the various levels of modules, specifically the color of light that indicates their strength. There are 11 levels of modules, each named after a letter of the military alphabet:

Click a rank to see statistics for the modules of that tier.

Each level of module is twice as durable as the same module of the previous level. Likewise, each level of weapon has twice as much damage per second as the previous level. Booster strength and module weight, however, scale linearly (they increase by a fixed amount moving up).

The 11 ranks are divided into four classes. Each class has its own variety of weapons and girders, though most group them according to the color of the weapons:

As would be expected, moving to the next class of ammunition (three ranks) increases its damage eight times. Additionally, moving to the next class of girders increases its length or size, depending on the type. A standard Alpha girder covers a one-block space; a Delta girder is 2x1, a Golf girder is 3x1, and a Juliet girder is 4x1. Because of this, ships tend to become much larger moving up ranks.

Memorizing the color spectrum is a very important part to guaranteeing the safety of the ship being piloted and, ultimately, the sector as a whole.