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Captain Forever[edit | edit source]

Captain Forever is a flash game created by Farbs , based off of a spaceship with re-constructive capabilities. The player can take parts from destroyed ships and use them to his or her own advantage. For a fee, users can support Captain Forever in order to receive special benefits, like early game betas and more.

Play Captain Forever and its related games here.

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Captain Successor[edit | edit source]

Captain Successor is the sequel to Captain Forever. It is similar to the previous game, but also adds many more types of modules, enemy ships, and other things. Only supporters can play Captain Successor.

Captain Impostor[edit | edit source]

Captain Impostor is the sequel to Captain Successor. It has the same modules as Captain Successor, but has an entirely new gameplay mechanic. Instead of manually adding modules to your ship, you must use the "Clone Drive," which allows you to perfectly copy the configuration of an enemy ship. As you destroy enemy ships, your clone drive gains energy, which will eventually allow you to increase the level of the modules that you have copied.

Captain Jameson (a.k.a.) The Dawn Star[edit | edit source]

Captain Jameson is the next episode of Captain Forever. It focuses more in strategic gameplay rather than a fast ending game like the previous games. The gameplay includes player traveling through different space stations, credit systems, asteroids, and many more.

The alpha version of this game was released to supporters on May 30, 2011.

However, in late 2013, the game was re-titled as The Dawn Star.

Captain Forever Remix[edit | edit source]

Captain Forever Remix is a remake of the original Captain Forever, released on June 3, 2016. It includes a complete overhaul of the graphics, many new parts and a unique story.

Captain Forever Trilogy[edit | edit source]

Captain Forever Trilogy bundles the Captain Forever, Successor and Imposter games together. It was released on Steam on May 22, 2018.

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