Captain Forever is the award winning indie game by Farbs. It is the first in a series of games including: Captain Successor and Captain Impostor.


There has been a devestating explosion in a far away sector of space. There is only one survivor...

Farbs is the captain of the space ship Nemesis. His ship is unique, in that it has the uncanny ability to revive after being destroyed. It is also the only ship with weaponry integrated into its command module. Unfortunately, this unique ship attracts various boot jackers who would like nothing more than to destroy the Nemesis and take it for themselves when it revives. What the boot jackers don't know, however, is that when the Nemesis is destroyed, the resulting shockwave obliterates almost everything in the sector (boot jackers included).

Seeing as how Captain Farbs has a deep respect for life, his only course of action is to fight back against the boot jackers so that, hopefully, he can prevent the next devastating explosion from rocking the sector. Unfortunately, he's been doing this for so long, that he has become extremely tired. He has opened up a Web Terminal so that you may interface with his ship and pilot the Nemesis while he rests. Build up the Nemesis, face down the boot jackers, and eventually... take on the corrupt Peace Keepers of the sector.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay consists of a small, square command module with a gun and thrusters built in. An info module then brings over a few level alpha girders, lasers, and boosters. The player can then move these pieces near the ship to attach them, and create their own basic ship. The gameplay expands from here, as the player freely explores and finds new enemies and ship pieces they can add more and more to their ship.

Modules Edit

There are six different types of modules in Captain Forever:

Picture Name Description
Command module Command module You start with this command module. It contains weak thrusters allowing it to move forwards, backwards, and sideways, as well as rotate. It also has a laser that fires at the speed of a Bravo Laser but is as powerful as an Alpha Laser. All other modules must be attached (directly or indirectly) to this module and if it gets destroyed, you lose. Note that the enemy ships' command modules do not contain guns, but they do have thrusters.
A laser Laser This is the basic weapon you will use to destroy other ships. It fires a single shot in a straight line ahead of it. Lasers don't have much health and they are usually facing your ship, so it is difficult to get one without destroying it first.
A prismatic laser Prismatic Laser This weapon is relatively rare compared to normal lasers. It fires three shots - one straight forward, one forward-left and one forward-right relative to the laser. Each shot is as powerful as a shot from a normal laser of the same level.
P booster Booster This is a better thruster that you can attach to your ship for increased speed and maneuverability. These are essential if you want to get anywhere quickly. They will respond to your commands based on their position and orientation relative to the command module. They can only push your ship in one direction.
S girder Girder This module does not thrust or shoot, but you can attach other modules to it. If it is destroyed, all modules attached to it directly or indirectly will be destroyed.
Blurst shield2
Blurst Shield 

Reflects lasers, torpedoes, and missiles that hit it. Ramming Spikes will deal damage to it similar to a regular girder. Also provides space to attach modules. Very rare to find in Captain Forever.

All modules are of one of the eleven tiers on the Power Spectrum, which determines the attributes of the module, including health and weight for all modules, damage and fire rate for lasers, and boosting power for boosters. The levels are:

Level Name  Light Emitted     Laser Light 
1 Alpha  Green                     Red
2 Bravo  Yellow                     Red
3 Charlie  Orange                   Red
4 Delta  Red                         Orange
5 Echo  Pink                         Orange
6 Foxtrot  Purple                      Orange
7 Golf      Blue                          Yellow
8 Hotel Cerulean                   Yellow
9 India Cyan                         Yellow
10 Juliet White                         White
11 Kilo Gray (Rainbow if attached) White

See the Power Spectrum page for more details, or click a tier to see statistics for modules in that tier.

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